A Great New Car Wash is Here! Fast...Clean...Easy Free Vacuums Always!


Coastal Breeze Car Wash is uniquely fast and precise. We offer a three stage process that cleans, protects, and shines your car in under 8 minutes from the moment you pass through the gates. After you are done, go and visit one of our 20 FREE High Powered Vacuum stations to give your interior the cleaning it deserves.


We partnered with world class chemist from industry leading brands like Simoniz and Rain-X to be at the forefront of car wash technology. Each stage of the car wash process is meticulously tuned and chosen to provide you with a clean and shiny exterior we all can be proud of.

Stage 1
Your car goes though the cleaning process to remove dirt and debris.
Stage 2
High quality waxes are applied to your vehicle to provide a showroom quality shine.
Stage 3
We seal and protect the paint with our carefully curated protectants.


At Coastal Breeze we take pride in making the customer experience simple and easy. Everything is done in three easy steps.

Step 1
Pay using our easy to use kiosk, or skip paying and save money by using a Fast Pass “Breeze thru” plan.
Step 2
Our state of the art equipment will guide you through the three stage cleaning and drying processes.
Step 3
Visit our free high powered vacuums to finish the process, and enjoy the rest of your day!

The Fast... Clean... Easy...

Coastal Breeze Headquarters

We Are Eco-Friendly!

At Coastal Breeze we care about preserving and protecting our environment. As much as we care about a clean vehicle. Our facility was engineered to be a pioneer in the car wash services industry. Every element was carefully chosen to preserve our environment from the LED light bulbs to the on-site water recycling system. Our cleaning agents are biodegradable to protect our planet. You too can help save the environment by washing your car with us!

Come and Enjoy the Breeze with Us!